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mechanic-customer“Had 4 shops turn us down and we had our 9 month old son with us and Jim took care of our car no questions asked… Great place willing to travel the 45 mins for him to work on my vehicle.” – Justin Robillard of Green Island, NY

“I really thank the fine folks at LOTUS for being so gracious for taking care of my problems.” – Lee Pecue of Warrensburg, NY

I wanted to compliment everyone at Lotus Auto Experts. Claude was very helpful scheduling the work and very friendly to talk to. The noise in my rear brakes is gone! It was so helpful that you picked up and dropped off my car. This was my first time as a customer and I will surely be back. I would recommend Lotus Auto Experts to my friends. Thank you again!-Craig Foster

“The waiting room was so comfortable and clean.  I felt like I was in a doctor’s office; not a garage!”

“The guys picked up my car, changed the oil, and dropped it back off before lunch.  You don’t find service like that everywhere.”



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