Snow is coming , is  your vehicle ready?

Snow is coming , is your vehicle ready?

Lotus Auto Xperts is a full-service garage that houses all of your auto needs under one roof. We may not be the first to do what we do, but we operate based on customer satisfaction, respect, and doing things right the first time. LAX knows that taking your vehicle to a mechanic can be stressful; we hope to eliminate any sort of boundary between us and our clients by telling them what all their options are and working around what is best for them. At LAX, we know that vehicle maintenance isn’t cheap, so we like to think of ourselves just like any other human service: you trust you doctor, you trust your dentist; shouldn’t you trust your mechanic? We are here to provide our customers top-quality service and to always keep the flow of conversation open. We offer standard services for all your automotive needs as well as bring a bit of luxury into your life; our garage has a vast array of detailing services that can give your car that little something extra. LAX also offers a “loaner” car service for clients who may be without their vehicle for an extended period of time and a pickup/dropoff service as well. Our friendly staff aim to never steer you wrong, to always stay on track, and to never forget that customer relations are what keep us going. Lotus Auto Xperts: geared toward service, driven by care.

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